From the SmartBox application, you can see which point is closest to you.

Downloading an app from the AppStore or GoogleStore and make your registration.

The price of the service is BGN 0.50 per hour. Collecting a deposit worth 20 lev, as soon putting PowerBank back to the station returns.

The payment method is by debit, credit card, PayPal, GooglePay, AppPay.

If you fail to return PowerBank within 4 days, you will not be returned a deposit.

The maximum price to be charged is BGN 5, after expiration of 24 hours from the Powerbank charge you will be charged again per hour. You do not need to stay in the location from which you took the device. From the app map, you can return Powerbank to a place convenient for you.

The portable battery has three types of cables (iOS, Type-C, Micro) compatible for all devices - phones, tablets, e-cigarettes and more.

Reports can be provided by the Smart Box application. There you can upload photos and explanation of the problem.

Link to the fill form